Shanghai Qianxie Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

About us


Jinmao is one of the biggest scale personal chemicals factory in China. Our company was founded in 2001, with more than 20years of experience in the toothpaste industry and we are a recognized partner in formulating. we are the major manufacturer of toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, body wash, roll-on deodorant,toothbrush and other daily chemical products etc. We have expanded our market share by being serious, pragmatic and improving our quality. So we set up Shanghai Qianxie Biological Technology Co, Ltd. in Shanghai, China-- the international trade center, to help expand the overseas market.As a household and personal care products private label provider,we value high- quality toothpaste products and advanced formulas, and we guarantee strict caution and confidentiality policios.


Why choose us


Over 20 years of experience manufacturer on private label toothpaste industry. We are an original manufacturer that has its own patents.


High production quality certificated by GMP, ISO standards. Our toothpaste is popular among East- south Asia, Australia, America, and Canada, and users are satisfied with our private label tooth-paste.


Free Sample and responsible service teams, Private label(OEM), white-label,Co- packaged, contract manufacturing are acceptable.

Customization Formula

Customization formula is available, we have our own R&.D team, can help solve your project formula. Experienced OEM/ODM manufacturing processing reducing your work.


It can be customized by your mind. Tube,bottle, or others. We have a stable supply chain and our own tube factory.if you just need a toothpaste tube,we can also provide it for you.

Competitive Price

Professional Private label service for your business to increase profit. We have our own tube factory so that our price is more competitive.

Production Capability

one hundred thousand class clean rooms advanced product line and high-quality control, in this way we can offer you better products and delivery than others.


Household and personal care products private label provider, not only have personal care but also have deodorant.

Production & logistics

As a manufacturing company, it is self-evident and essential for us to guarantee a cost-optimized production with maximum performance. That we achieve and guarantee due to our efficient manufacturing processes.

With our diversified machinery, we are able to fill a wide range of different textures and packaging material.

To bey able to supply our customers quickly and in a timely manner, we connected all work processes efficiently and reasonably. Punctually and reliable, we deliver to our customers at home markets and abroad.

Research & Development

Our research and development develops cosmetic formulations proactively or on request. Our customers not only benefit from our expertise and years of experience in the development and production of oral care products, but also by continuously monitoring the market the need of consumers in developing oral care market. In close cooperation with our customers individual needs and requirements are implemented. The ideas and wishes of our customers are paramount and form the backbone of successful and innovative products.

In the development of high-quality, natural recipes we always adhere to customer requirements according to NATRUE, COSMOS-standard.

In addition to the development of customized formulations, we also offer a number of internal and external tests: validation of the formulations including microbiological examination and preservation stress test, rheological studies with high-rheometer, image analysis for verification of emulsions (eg droplet size), More special tests we may like to perform on request.


With the introduction of the environmental management system ISO , we achieve continuous improvement of our environmental policy. With the implementation of the environmental management system, we promote environmentally conscious behavior of our employees, reduce emissions, waste and waste water and use resources sustainably, so far as is technically and organizationally possible and economically viable. The continuous improvement of our environmental performance is our medium- and long term condition for an effective reduction of costs and an important contribution to protect the environment.

With the development of natural toothpaste, according to NATRUE, COSMOS-standard, Ecocert, BDIH, etc., we use the concept of sustainability in our products. From the joint responsibility towards people and the environment, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing harmful influences. This starts with the selection of appropriate packing materials and the raw materials used.



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